About Us

Creating outstanding Body art

Since 2011



Our spectacular parlour was established in 2010 by tattoo artist Dan Banas, winner of many international tattoo awards, with Olga Banas.

Dan is known for his portrait tattoos, realistic tattoos and distinctive black and grey style. The tattooists’ prime focus is on portrait, realistic and black and grey art .

With  Japanese, traditional and neo-traditional styles also being part of the teams' skill set and interest.

It is their aim to offer the highest possible standard of artwork, service and hygiene, as well as  always offering expert advice when you need it.



We strive to create incredible tattoos for each and every customer that comes through our doors. Although we specilaise in portrait, black and grey, neo-traditional and traditional artwork, we can incorporate different styles and preferences in any artwork undertaken. 

We work on a "custom" basis, so every tattoo design is tailor-made for each individual.
We understand that both the tattoo artist and client contribute to the tattoo process, so please bring in any tattoo designs or ideas for us to use as a reference.
We also have plenty of tattoo flash & art books available for extra inspiration.
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